Animatic – TFcon Toronto 2011 “Prequel”

An entry for TFcon Toronto 2011’s social media contest, this is what you get when Tekno has no primary computer for doing animations handy or proper time, BUT has a sketchpad and iPhone handy.

Tekno Reviews: TFA Black Rodimus

The review series continues with a look at the rarest and most expensive of the TFA Rodimus decoes – the Hyper Hobby exclusive! How does it look and how does it look next to the original? Also useful for people unfamiliar with the mold.

Calgary Comic Expo 2011 – Voice Actors Panel 2

It’s complete footage of the second voice actor’s panel from Calgary Comic Expo 2011! Which begins with a script reading from “The Princess Bride”.

Tekno Meets: Maurice LaMarche

In which I meet Maurice LaMarche at the Calgary Comic Expo 2011 autograph line!

Tekno Meets: Rob Paulsen

In which I meet Rob Paulsen at the Calgary Comic Expo 2011 autograph line!