Listicle: Top 5 Transformers of Twenty-Eighteen

Wait, what’s this? A new post to this site? YES!

Basically I decide that I wanted to maybe actually use this thing that I pay money to maintain to post my top toy lists for 2018 as I also try and get myself back to working on my own personal projects in the coming year.

So with that said, we’re going to start with Transformers – specifically, the official Hasbro/Takara Tomy varieties. To lay down some ground rules for how this list works:

  • Toy must have been purchased and received in the calendar year of 2018 (this excludes stuff like MP Sunstreaker, who I was messing with Dec 31 of 2017)
  • Toy does not have to have been released in 2018 to qualify – it can be something I only just got this year
  • Five things plus an honorable mention of “something that’s not on the top 5 but deserves to be brought up all the same” are going to apply for each list.

So let’s get down to brass tacks:

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On Comics Pricing and Holding the Line

Got on a bit of a musing tonight re: complaints about how a particular comic I read (yeah, it’s MTMTE) has been doing an increasing amount of stuff off-panel, and it’s gotten me wondering, on account of a lot of those complaints tending to come AFTER the pagecount went down from 22 pages to 20 (which was a VERY recent thing; to IDW’s credit they held the line for awhile).
Comics fans often make a lot of noise when prices go up. It’s something they show a distaste for – the whole “HOW DARE YOU raise the cost of this book” with ignorance to how real world economics such as inflation work. And as such you get stuff like comics companies cutting the pagecount.

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Top 5 (+1) of 2015 : Unofficial Transforming Toys

It’s on to my second of the “top toys of 2015” lists, and perhaps the most difficult one for me to compile – the top 5 (plus one) of non Hasbro/TakaraTomy transforming toys that I acquired in 2015, or as they’re colloquially (but incorrectly) labelled online, “third party Transformers”.

It’s honestly a testament to how FANTASTIC the offerings have been this year that I had as much trouble as I did whittling down this list – there’s several toys that are NOT on here that were in fact VERY good toys that I’ve quite enjoyed. I especially feel upset that nothing made by FansToys this year ended up on my list – I quite liked how Soar and Grenadier turned out, for instance (Grenadier is AMAZING) but a bunch of late-in-the-year releases ended up drowning them out in awesomeness.

In fact, given how end-of-the-year-release centric my list is I feel kinda apologetic for neglecting those earlier toys and giving them shorter shrift, but they were just really really good.

Anyway, make like the Jumpman and race a gokart after the break!

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Top 5 (+ 1 ) of 2015: Transformers

2015 has now come to a close, and so it’s time to take a look back down memory lane and see just what I thought the best toys of the year were. And as a big Transformers collector, naturally I have enough Hasbro/TakaraTomy product to warrant a list of its own.

Overall, here’s the main limitations/rules I had when doing this list, up front:

  • The toy must have reached me in 2015. Items released in 2014 I didn’t get until 2015 are eligible, and 2015 items I didn’t get before Jan 1 2016 are ineligible and will be counted next year.
  • If it was all in the same box, it’s one toy.
  • If it’s a group unit, like a combiner, that was sold separately, it’s one toy BUT probably a toy with a focus on individual members in the group. Eg, 2014’s unofficial Transformers list had Feral Rex on it with a focus on Leo Dux, given the limbs were sold separately and the sum mode not completed until 2014.

But enough of semantics – onto the list after the jump! A top 5 count plus an honorable mention for that one toy that deserved to be recognized in some way but wasn’t able to steal itself a slot.

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ACTIONNNN!!!!! – Tekno’s Top 5 Action Figures of 2014

And it’s time for another series of top toy lists of 2014 – namely, a look at one of the secondary, all-encompassing things I tend to cherry pick from – action figures.

Odds are the descriptions will be a bit briefer than the Transformers lists, though I’m also drawing from a wider berth, including North American and Japanese figures. Read more [+]