(Third) Party Here In Agrabah – Tekno’s Top 5 Unofficial Transforming Toys of 2014

Continuing my lists of top toys of 2014, I’m now on to the next part – namely, the unlicensed unofficial “third party” transforming toys of which I am a big fan.

And of which I partook in picking up quite a few this year. Though having said that, there’s a number that looked awesome that I DIDN’T partake in picking up – you can blame price plus combiner fatigue for that. (And ironically, there’s more than one combiner-related thing on this list, having said that…)

Amusingly enough, there’s one other thing that keeps recurring on this list… namely, a good chunk of these were TFcon Toronto or Chicago-exclusive decoes. Though I suppose that only makes sense given how much I love that convention. Still, given there’s less stuff on my list, and that I’m finding this easier to pick winners for, it’s only gonna be top 5 from hereon out.

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Top 10 – Tekno’s Top Transformers of 2014

So happy new year to all as I use this way-too-rarely-used blog to actually write some original content!

In this case, it’s 2015, and I’m looking back on my top toys of 2014. And in the case of Transformers…. man. I was gonna just make it a top 5 list, but then when I started narrowing my finalists, I ended up with at least 17, making it REALLY hard to pare down.

And so I give you my top 10 Transformers, Hasbro or Takara, of 2014.

NOTE: Said list includes figures I’ve actually messed with in 2014. Given I haven’t had hands-on with Brainstorm/Arcee/Chromia or any Combiner Wars stuff, it necessarily can’t be in contention for this list.

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Offensive Burials (or Why My Brain Needs To Just Shut Off Already Sometimes)

Now, when I say “offensive”, I don’t mean in the case of….okay. Maybe I kinda do.

But the primary use of this term is NOT offense as in burying people, but offense as in military.

As we know from pop culture, Indian Burial Grounds (TM) are places that, if you disturb them, rile up a ton of pissed off spirits that haunt you and drive you mad. So I made an offhanded remark that they should use the same protective magic on settlements where people LIVE, for defense. Read more [+]

When is Dead Dead? (Or, Death in Transformers:Prime)

(FAIR WARNING: Rambling stream of consciousness rant ahead!)

There’s been a phenomenon of late that I’ve noticed over on fansites such as TFW2005 with regards to character appearances and deaths in Transformers Prime. Heck – at this point it’s become so pervasive that some people (like me) joke about it in threads.

Namely, the pattern goes something like this:

  1. Solicit for an episode mentions a new guest character/major event happening to an existing guest character
  2. Solicit for next episode says nothing about that character

Now, here’s where I’m going to go into spoilers, so fair warning.

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So What if Corporations are People?

So, in Colbert’s PAC’s latest ad, they make the case that if corporations are people, that Mitt Romney is a serial killer.

Which, if you apply the definition of a person to a corporation, is true. There’s no question someone who carves up/breaks up/destroys companies for profit would be a serial killer if this definition was valid.

What else does it mean though if corporations were people though?

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