Tekno Reviews: TCC Sideburn

Amazingly, I have yet another review up and running! It’s a look at the long-awaited (in my case) TCC Sideburn figure – the convention exclusive from this year. After almost 2 months of waiting due to someone in customs, it’s finally here – and does it live up to the hype, and is it problem-free? Let’s find out.

Tekno Reviews: Figma BRS Strength

So, I finally got around to finishing a review I started filming some time ago… it’s the Black Rock Shooter figma Strength figure; the only one I own from the line. Was my money well spent? Well, given I bought a toy with it, arguably no, but in the general context of my collecting hobby? Let’s find out.

Tekno Reviews: Thundercats 4″ Mumm-Ra

I take a look at the scrawny bad of the new Thundercats cartoon!

Teknotips: Fanmoding a backpack for the TCC 2012 Battlechargers!

So, the Transformers Collectors Club announced this year that two of their exclusive figures are going to be remolds of Generations Wheeljack, done up as the G1 Battlechargers Runabout and Runamuck. Fantastic mold choice overall. Except that the upper body doesn’t have a great resemblance. HOWEVER! I have determined a way to replicate a G1esque backpack hood on the Wheeljack mold, in anticipation of these new Battlechargers, that’s not only someone stable but requires NO modifications. So, here’s how!

Tekno Reviews: TFcon 2011 Custom Class Downshift

It’s a really quick look at the custom class figure from TFcon 2011 – G1 Downshift! How does it compare to the base mold it’s been forged from?