Listicle: Top 5++ Transforming Toys of 2021

It’s time for another listicle!

Fun fact, I actually DID fully intend to do a list for 2020. I had rankings worked out and everything!

Then I got busy and slept on it until it became too much of a time gap from the new year to really be able to do so.

So with that said. 2021 had a lot of AMAZING toys and it was a CHORE pairing down that list to just 5++. As always, my rules are simple:

  • Toy must have been purchased and received in the calendar year of 2019
  • Toy does not have to have been released in 2019 to qualify – it can be something I only just got this year
  • Five things plus an honorable mention of “something that’s not on the top 5 but deserves to be brought up all the same” are going to apply for each list.

Fun fact, this rule is also why none of the Kingdom Wave 1 deluxes/voyagers made it on for consideration – I found them right before the end of 2020 in stores. Cyclonus was, in fact, gonna be on my 2020 list. Even then, there’s a freaking LOT that had to get left of this list in order to narrow it down to a top 5, so some toys I DID love like Kingdom Tigatron and Dinobot sadly were not able to make the cut.

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