JellyMan – The UNCUT MapleShorts episode!

EDIT: Watch a truncated version of CBC’s “butchered” edit of this short on Youtube here: – I don’t know if this video will go down or not, as Youtube’s given me a “third party content” warning. I quite honestly have no idea where I stand legally with ownership of this sucker. END EDIT It was the year 2004… I made this in Flash WAAAAY back when for a Flash animation contest. It even aired on CBC, on the kid’s show “Maple Shorts” which was basically a viewer-voted contest for best short (the winner was to get a Flash-animated series). I didn’t win – got eliminated in the first round. But it got on TV! Looking back at it now, MAN I cut a lot of corners on the animation. I should redo it one of these days to my liking. And I was impressed back then… This is the UNEDITED TV version – when it aired, I found out that there had been several edits made that I didn’t know about – I get WHY they were made, but I didn’t like them. The following was altered: -“Cobfather” was redubbed to “The Colonel/Kernel” (thus killing the parody) -“Trafficking in Coke” was changed to “Bootlegging Beer” with it being root bear instead. -“Dirt Devil” became “Dust Demon” (Dirt Devil’s an actual vaccum brand, but I assume it’s more to do with the use of the word “Devil”). CREDITS: -Animation, Script, Art: Myself -Voices: Humpty Dumpty: Marcus Ivey (my brother), all other voices were me -Music: Myself

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