This begins our broadcast day!

So yeah; greetings peoples reading this.

Figured I’d make use of this nifty domain I now have and set up a somewhat official blog or something like that.

So yeah. Not sure what I’ll put here quite yet – this is probably gonna become a content aggregator of some sort for me. Youtube, Tumblr, etc.

Lion King (in 3-D!)

So, I got a chance to see the new Lion King (in 3-D!) release tonight.

And I gotta say, the 3D conversion process was really well done. It worked surprisingly well – I imagine the cel animation nature of the movie helped, given it allows them to split out distinct elements to bring forward/push backward. And whenever there was a water reflection, that looked pretty cool.

If the movie gets any negative marks, though, it’s the sound. The audio didn’t seem to have the proper “epic” feel, and I’m not sure if it’s due to re-editing or faulty memory, but several scenes felt like they needed JUST a couple more seconds to properly pace them cinematically.

But screw it. Lion King. In 3-D. And me and one of the people I went with both knew all the songs, naturally. Heck – I was mouthing pretty much everything lyricwise. Great experience.

And the audience was pretty good for a Tuesday evening too – lots of people who likely grew up with the movie, some of them taking their kids. Awesome indeed.

I kinda sorta hope that Disney decides to do this with other classics. I would LOVE to see Great Mouse Detective rereleased in theatres.

Tekno Reviews: TCC Sideburn

Amazingly, I have yet another review up and running! It’s a look at the long-awaited (in my case) TCC Sideburn figure – the convention exclusive from this year. After almost 2 months of waiting due to someone in customs, it’s finally here – and does it live up to the hype, and is it problem-free? Let’s find out.

Tekno Reviews: Figma BRS Strength

So, I finally got around to finishing a review I started filming some time ago… it’s the Black Rock Shooter figma Strength figure; the only one I own from the line. Was my money well spent? Well, given I bought a toy with it, arguably no, but in the general context of my collecting hobby? Let’s find out.

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