Offensive Burials (or Why My Brain Needs To Just Shut Off Already Sometimes)

Now, when I say “offensive”, I don’t mean in the case of….okay. Maybe I kinda do.

But the primary use of this term is NOT offense as in burying people, but offense as in military.

As we know from pop culture, Indian Burial Grounds (TM) are places that, if you disturb them, rile up a ton of pissed off spirits that haunt you and drive you mad. So I made an offhanded remark that they should use the same protective magic on settlements where people LIVE, for defense. Read more [+]

Tekno Reviews: SHF Kamen Rider Nadeshiko

After some time of having footage sitting around on my computer, it’s finally here!

Have an overview of the S.H. Figuarts release of one of the Kamen Rider Fourze movie-exclusive characters: Kamen Rider Nadeshiko

When is Dead Dead? (Or, Death in Transformers:Prime)

(FAIR WARNING: Rambling stream of consciousness rant ahead!)

There’s been a phenomenon of late that I’ve noticed over on fansites such as TFW2005 with regards to character appearances and deaths in Transformers Prime. Heck – at this point it’s become so pervasive that some people (like me) joke about it in threads.

Namely, the pattern goes something like this:

  1. Solicit for an episode mentions a new guest character/major event happening to an existing guest character
  2. Solicit for next episode says nothing about that character

Now, here’s where I’m going to go into spoilers, so fair warning.

Read more [+]