ACTIONNNN!!!!! – Tekno’s Top 5 Action Figures of 2014

And it’s time for another series of top toy lists of 2014 – namely, a look at one of the secondary, all-encompassing things I tend to cherry pick from – action figures.

Odds are the descriptions will be a bit briefer than the Transformers lists, though I’m also drawing from a wider berth, including North American and Japanese figures. Read more [+]

(Third) Party Here In Agrabah – Tekno’s Top 5 Unofficial Transforming Toys of 2014

Continuing my lists of top toys of 2014, I’m now on to the next part – namely, the unlicensed unofficial “third party” transforming toys of which I am a big fan.

And of which I partook in picking up quite a few this year. Though having said that, there’s a number that looked awesome that I DIDN’T partake in picking up – you can blame price plus combiner fatigue for that. (And ironically, there’s more than one combiner-related thing on this list, having said that…)

Amusingly enough, there’s one other thing that keeps recurring on this list… namely, a good chunk of these were TFcon Toronto or Chicago-exclusive decoes. Though I suppose that only makes sense given how much I love that convention. Still, given there’s less stuff on my list, and that I’m finding this easier to pick winners for, it’s only gonna be top 5 from hereon out.

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Top 10 – Tekno’s Top Transformers of 2014

So happy new year to all as I use this way-too-rarely-used blog to actually write some original content!

In this case, it’s 2015, and I’m looking back on my top toys of 2014. And in the case of Transformers…. man. I was gonna just make it a top 5 list, but then when I started narrowing my finalists, I ended up with at least 17, making it REALLY hard to pare down.

And so I give you my top 10 Transformers, Hasbro or Takara, of 2014.

NOTE: Said list includes figures I’ve actually messed with in 2014. Given I haven’t had hands-on with Brainstorm/Arcee/Chromia or any Combiner Wars stuff, it necessarily can’t be in contention for this list.

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