Top 5 (+1) of 2015 : Unofficial Transforming Toys

It’s on to my second of the “top toys of 2015” lists, and perhaps the most difficult one for me to compile – the top 5 (plus one) of non Hasbro/TakaraTomy transforming toys that I acquired in 2015, or as they’re colloquially (but incorrectly) labelled online, “third party Transformers”.

It’s honestly a testament to how FANTASTIC the offerings have been this year that I had as much trouble as I did whittling down this list – there’s several toys that are NOT on here that were in fact VERY good toys that I’ve quite enjoyed. I especially feel upset that nothing made by FansToys this year ended up on my list – I quite liked how Soar and Grenadier turned out, for instance (Grenadier is AMAZING) but a bunch of late-in-the-year releases ended up drowning them out in awesomeness.

In fact, given how end-of-the-year-release centric my list is I feel kinda apologetic for neglecting those earlier toys and giving them shorter shrift, but they were just really really good.

Anyway, make like the Jumpman and race a gokart after the break!

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