Will whore out artskills to raise cash for charity

So. People.

This time next weekend, I’m going to be busy drawing a 24-page comic in 24 hours, at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton.

However, it’s an event they use as a fundraiser as well. For Literacy Alberta.

So for what’s probably the first time ever, I’m going to offer my art services to raise money for this noble cause. But wait, I’m sure you’re wondering, what extravagant costs/conditions do you demand?!?

$5 – Pencil sketch.

$10 – Digital (colored) sketch

$5 – Cameo of some character design in the 24 hour comic I’ll be drawing.

$10 – Inclusion of some suggested element in the 24 hour comic I’ll be drawing.

All drawing requests are made with the caveat of me having right of refusal, UNLESS the price is doubled. Yes, that’s right. I’ll draw whatever explicit crap you want for more cash, including inappropriate things and bad OCs.

All requests have to be in by Friday, Oct 7, sometime in the evening – payment can be made once I’ve actually drawn the requested sketch. For that matter, if it’s a pencil sketch, for $5 more (on top of any doubling, so it doesn’t count towards that) I’ll mail it out your way if you so wish.

More info:

http://happyharborcomics.com/ – info on the challenge

http://www.literacy-alberta.ca/ – info on the cause

EDIT: If you have a request, either leave a comment here, or PM/Reply to me on Twitter. That’s the easiest way to ask.